Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm eating Purell

The New York Times asked readers what they were doing differently in response to the swine flu outbreak. Here's my favorite reply:

"I’m wearing a mask. But I always wear a mask. It’s who I am."

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Artful Stew said...

Love it! Though, un-hilariously, my doc's want me to start wearing a mask on the subway, so I went to the CVS to grab a pack so I'd have some at my new apt as well as my old one... the woman at the CVS was like, "Sorry, we're out. We'll get more tomorrow." And I was shocked. I mean, come on guys, how many of you out there are immunosuppressed and REALLY need these? And how many of you are just being hyper-paranoid?

Also, on principle, I told the woman at the CVS about me being immunosuppressed, so that she didn't think I was one of the crazies. I mean, I'm crazy, but not like, that kind of crazy.