Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Real Headlines

Inspired by today's AP article "State Report: Texas Has Too Many Reports," I'm including below a list of real newspaper headlines I've collected over the years. I'm pretty sure all of these are from the San Antonio Express News. Congratulations to my hometown paper!

"Reader Worries About Canned Foods' Freshness"

"Salt, Pepper Shakers Often Fanciful"

"Bad News Turns Out Not As Bad"

"German Boss Frowns At Attack Idea"
[with photograph showing Gerhard Schroeder frowning]

"Rodeo Is Among Biggest: Almost 1 in 5 San Antonians say they like the show."

"Branson (Very) Slowly Becoming Hip"

"Sticking To It: A Guide To Glues"

"Chrissie Hynde Not Mellowing; Pretenders Leader Just Rocks On"

"Couple + Ideas = Monumental Artworks"

"War Stress Leads Many To Work Out"

"Pucker Up With Caution About Germs; Holiday kisses spread cheer and increase chances of contracting illness."

My favorite article is probably the one about stress over the war causing people to increase the intensity of their workouts. It brings a national news story to the local level!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rejected Blog Names

As you can imagine, picking the perfect blog title is the most important part of starting a new blog. Here are a few of the runners-up:

Max The Crystal Skull

Beef Island

The Clams Were The Only Ones That Benefited

Words Are Both Serious And Funny

Giant Sandwiches

The Big Cheese

"Aha! Smoking Pancakes" is a headline cut out of a half-century old newspaper that was being used to cradle my great-grandmother's dishes. It was printed on the same page as a "hazel" comic strip showing Hazel serving lemonade in a bathing suit and apron, with the caption "One HOT Day."

Welcome to Smoking Pancakes!

A place for me to post things I write and things I find.