Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rejected Blog Names

As you can imagine, picking the perfect blog title is the most important part of starting a new blog. Here are a few of the runners-up:

Max The Crystal Skull

Beef Island

The Clams Were The Only Ones That Benefited

Words Are Both Serious And Funny

Giant Sandwiches

The Big Cheese

"Aha! Smoking Pancakes" is a headline cut out of a half-century old newspaper that was being used to cradle my great-grandmother's dishes. It was printed on the same page as a "hazel" comic strip showing Hazel serving lemonade in a bathing suit and apron, with the caption "One HOT Day."


darmani said...

Forum for awesomeness my ass!

Elisheva said...

I think "Words Are Both Serious And Funny" is a far more appropriate blog title, seeing as how it is more descriptive of your blog's content. There are no pancakes in your blog. But there are words.