Thursday, July 31, 2008

As many have footnoted...

the transition from age 22 to age 23 is, in many ways, like the transition from 21 to 22. Slightly important and nearly noteworthy. Some not quite worth mentioning things that have already happened to me today (my last day of being 22) include:

- Decided to forgo showering since I'll be gross by the end of the day anyway!
- Traveled with very few delays to JFK!
- Purchased a pretty okay muffin from a bakery I like!
- Enjoyed free wireless internet from Jetblue!
- Had trouble getting my laptop out in the security line!
- Wasn't selected for further screening!
- Contemplated lunch options!

I'm somewhat thrilled about my birthday tomorrow!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Official Transcript of Obama's 7/24 Speech in Berlin

Thank you. (applause) Thank you so much, people of Berlin. (applause) I have come here today (applause) like so many Americans before me (applause). But I look a little different from them. (cheers) My father was a Kenyan farmer (wild cheering), and he came to the West (applause) because of how hard he worked and struggled (cheers). You people of Berlin [etc. etc. freedom and democracy] (wild cheers!). But the Russians (boooos) [something, something communism] (boooos) could not defeat the spirit of [etc.] (cheers!) in this very city (applause), Berlin (crowd goes wild).

How can the Times call him "vague"?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Manufactured Spontaneity

At Flax, the art supply store, you can buy a notebook with napkins instead of pages. Because so many great ideas started on a napkin. So. You should be ready with some napkins.