Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coffee! The Musical

Act I
If It Ain’t Caffeine It Ain’t No Thang (Ensemble)
(Rosie, Mrs. Hemingway, the Professor)
These Viennese Blues
(I Guess You Think It's A) Fair Trade (
Rosie, Ensemble)
(Dan, Dr. Munroe)
Two Sugars
(Rosie, Mrs. Hemingway)
These Viennese Blues (reprise) (
Rosie, Ensemble)


Act II
Joe (Dan, Mrs. Hemingway, the Professor)
Can't Vacuum Pack Me (Joe)
Another Cup? (Dr. Munroe, Mrs. Hemingway)
Hot and Cold (Joe, Rosie)
Boy Am I Steamed (Dan, Ensemble)
Give It to Me Black (Dan, Joe)
Espress-o-your-love To Me (Dan, Rosie)
If It Ain’t Caffeine, It Ain’t No Thang (reprise) (Ensemble)

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