Saturday, March 1, 2008

True Love (Part 1)

Wedding Announcements

March 2, 2008

Fran Somers, a Manhattan-based pediatrician, met and married Louis Pinzer, a Doubletree Hotel employee, when he came down into Ballroom B to inform her that Philip Erlanger, her fiancé, would not be joining Ms. Somers at the altar. The bride will keep her name, and a small portion of her dignity.

Annabelle Leubling of Poughkeepsie, who always swore she would never get married, and Peter Schmidt of Lubbock finally tied the knot this Saturday in a small civil ceremony. Ms. Leubling was still swearing as her father, Paul Leubling of Providence, dragged her into the courthouse.

Miriam B. Hirschfeld married Solomon Michael Berkowitz, a nice Jewish boy, at the Prince Hotel, a perfectly nice establishment, on Sunday, a nice day for a wedding. Rabbi Chaim Fretzman, who did a nice enough job at the Kolokoff wedding, officiated.

Louisa Elizabeth Prescott wed Mason Winston Prescott, her first cousin, in an embarrassing mix-up!

Maggie, a black-lab/collie mix and King Alex, a sweet ol’ mutt, were married by Eliza Cassandra Brown of Pineapple Street Tuesday. The bride wore a ballet tutu around her neck and the groom wore a top hat. The ceremony came to an abrupt end when Maggie saw a stick and ran off.

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