Tuesday, March 4, 2008

True Love (Part 2)

What I Learned About True Love From The Movies:

You know it's true love when...

- The band strikes up when your eyes meet across the room (Casablanca)

- Your foot "pops" when you kiss him (The Princess Diaries)

- You find yourselves rolling down a hill in a compromising position (The Lion King)

- He owns a rival bookstore (You've Got Mail)

- He wrote that thing in the law firm with the fish and the clients and the thing and he's Tom Cruise (Jerry Maguire)

- You literally have his first wife's bloody heart beating in your chest (Return to Me)

- He doesn't mind that you're a bit of a cold fish (Finding Nemo)

- He can't catch a cab on New Year's (When Harry Met Sally)

- You go for walks together even though you have lupus or whatever (A Walk To Remember)

- He's your ex-step-brother (Clueless)

- His wife is dead (Sleepless in Seattle)

- You are played by Meg Ryan and he is played by Tom Hanks (Everything)

- He doesn't let the neighbor's rotten kid tie you to a firework and shoot you into the sky cause you've got a friend in him (Toy Story)

- Your reconstructed dinosaur egg is artificially fertilized by his paleolithic sperm resulting in an unholy act of human creation (Jurassic Park)


wellsprings said...

This was somewhat amusing-keep going with it. I hope you get more comments. I like your other blog, but it won't let me comment, because it insists that I can't read the validation codes.

Annie said...

This blog posting has been approved by the Columbia School of the Arts, Film Studies division.