Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cheap Joke About Dick Cheney

This photo demonstrates everything wrong with American involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

How long can we expect Mr. Abbas to stand there with his hand outstretched, grinning like an idiot, while Mr. Cheney's visual receptors send a message to his brain which indicate to the nerves in his arm to begin moving slightly forward?

Perhaps he is wondering if Mr. Abbas wants to slap five or do some other kind of cool West Bank-style handshake Mr. Cheney will not know how to do.

Maybe he is afraid he will not have the skills required to pull his hand back quickly and snap, then pound it, or--worse yet--to wiggle his fingers among Mr. Abbas' while making a high pitched victory twitter.

Maybe he thought Mr. Abbas was about to give him something, like a sugary treat or the key to Ramallah, and he is quietly reframing the information at hand, given the emptiness of Mr. Abbas' palm.

Either way, his hesitation is costly.


Liz said...

Oh no she didn't!

Pancake Lady said...

haa. alright, fair enough.