Friday, February 20, 2009

Did you guys see these?

Commercial for high fructose corn syrup:

Before you get all excitable, some people already made a parody. Which is very badly done, but I suppose I "get" it.

But I like the underlying commentary on racial stereotypes. It's like, what, just cause I'm black I don't know what's good for my kids?

Or is it just because I'm serving them bright red sugar water that you question my interest in nutrition.


Artful Stew said...

Love it!

sf said...

i think the ad would have been better if it had gone like this:

white lady: is that....high fructose corn syrup?
black lady: what are you, racist?
(uncomfortable silence)

Then maybe voiceover could be like, 'Get the facts straight, you bigoted morons' or similar