Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Classical cellist Yo-Yo Ma fart fart fart

I was trying to think of bad things you can say about Yo-Yo Ma, and I couldn’t think of any. He seems like a totally decent guy—classy but fun, talented but down-to-earth. So I’m on the Yo-Yo Ma website, looking at the “Extras” section, and I find a little widget where you can send Yo-Yo Ma a text message and the site publishes what people send in.

I guess there is no moderator reading these.

Actual messages on world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s official homepage (that have been up since October 2008!):
“your violin looks burnt up!”
“Hes go huge t@@@”
“hes brown like brown babies doodoo”
“Aw lawd dat smell like keishas butt when she ain’t wipe.”

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