Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Counting your 2008 blessings

Lucky enough to have a boyfriend who handmade this someecard for me...sigh. Tralala.

I find someecards pretty clever and sometimes even hilarious, but--aside from a brilliant few--most of the user-generated cards are complete crap. Here are a few of the worst from the holiday section (i made this post more interesting by adding colors and changing up the fonts--whoa, buckle your deskchair belts):

"Party Like it's 1999" was Ten Fucking Years Ago!!! Happy New Year

Since we are ending the year with a bang, how about banging my rear end..for shits and giggles.

The brie puff pastry appetizer isn't the only thing that's getting baked this evening.

My New Years Resolution is to find a way to divorce your stupid ass..cheaply.

Here's to a new year and the inevitable abortion that I'll have as a result.

And here's a good one:

My New Year's resolution is to remind you how badly you're doing with yours.

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