Monday, June 29, 2009

Back in the habit

I'm back! From vacation! And it's great to be back, except sometimes I am very, very sleepy because I have to stare at a computer screen all day again.

But then I discovered this website*, where you can find anagrams of any word you want. And I was less sleepy for a minute while I played.

Here are some excellent anagrams for Smoking Pancakes:
Caking Spokesman
A Smacking Spoken
Seaman Knocks Pig
Paeans Mock Kings
Comas Napkins Keg
Pagan Mocks Skein
Amass Neck Poking
Escaping Ska Monk
Cake Spanking Oms (one backpacker in Nepal says to another: "Man, that was one cake-spanking Om!")

*hat tip to Adam


Artful Stew said...

Some of my favorites for my name:

Hearts as Twas
Twas as Earths
Saws at Earth

Interestingly, "Sasha Stewart" had over 3,000 anagrams, whereas "Artful Stew" had a mere 200. And there's just a 2-letter difference. Odd...

Sabrina said...

I also have a favorite anagram for my name that a few friends and I discovered way back in the early years of college:

"Key Heifer Sans Bras" = "Sabrina Ereshefsky"

Interpretation: a very important cow without their bras...

It still makes me laugh to this day. I will try out this website and see if there is anything that can top that.