Friday, May 22, 2009

The Middle-Aged and the Flimsy

[Above: Judith Warner is like a grown-up Anne Hathaway.]

The thing about Judith Warner is, she gets your hopes up that she is going to have something interesting or entertaining to say and then she lets them come crashing down.

This morning, for instance, she wrote a column that began by comparing Meghan McCain to Kim Bauer from "24." An auspicious start, I think you'll agree. I have a soft spot for Meghan McCain because she is one of those people I don't want to like and then she gives me all sorts of reasonable justifications not to.

Then Warner talked about her feelings of pity for Bristol Palin, who I like a lot because she is adorable when she goes on interviews about abstinence being the only way and then she blushes and refuses to talk about sex.

Bristol Palin AND Meghan McCain in one column! It's like that time I wrote a post about Bristol Palin and Megan McCain, and how I would much rather hang out with Bristol (baby + hiking in Alaska + more fun dad). Of course, in true Warner form, she ended the column with some punchy sentence that undid everything she'd built up in the column ("but what do I know, I'm just a mommy," seems to be the implication).

I guess Gail Collins is the only one for me.

Or something.

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