Monday, May 11, 2009

josmith137 is typing...

Have you seen the ad for the Mormon online missionaries? It has a little chat box, labeled "Chat About Faith."

Jo: what made u decide
Zack: i had questions no one would answer :-(
Jo: what kind of questions
Zack: God's purpose 4 my life and what happens after death
Jo: what have u found?

And then it says "Join the Conversation" with a link to chat with an e-missionary.

I like this new tactic because it makes sense that the same people who can be successfully proselytized can also sum up their religious beliefs with an emoticon.

I also think a successful ad campaign for this function could be "Chat Live with a Missionary: For People Who Think Mormonism Might Be Right But Are Too Lazy To Get Up And Answer The Door."

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