Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's not fair

of me to post this candid shot of McCain.

But then again, it's not fair of McCain to condescendingly call pregnant women who want abortions "young women," who must be treated with "compassion" as they "face this terribly difficult decision." I suppose it's implied that the decision is only difficult for them, seeing as how Mr. McCain and his wife Cindy, who know what's best for the startled and confused young women of the world, will be making the decision on their behalf--to have the "courage" to give birth.

p.s. another good point by Dahlia Lithwick of Slate:

"In discussing abortion, [McCain] started sneering about the trickiness of allowing exceptions for the mother's health. No nuance here. Just the bold implication that all health exceptions represent some kind of female trickery. Last time I checked, women thought their health was sort of important. Toss in his eye-crossing claim that anyone who supports abortion rights is, by necessity, not going to be qualified to sit on the Supreme Court, and it was time to kiss women voters goodbye. "


Elisheva said...

I just can't take sex-ed advice from a man who's vice-presidential candidate not only "eloped" and then gave birth to her son 8 months later (ahem), but also became pregnant in her 40s with her 5th child just as her political career was taking off (family "planning" anyone?). Don't get me started on her daughter's "fiance" dropping out of high school to raise a baby. Control of over when to have children has been the greatest contribution to modern feminism and that woman is dragging us all back into the dark ages.

sf said...

levi johnston is hot.