Friday, September 5, 2008

When donuts go bad

I guess I missed the bandwagon on these bacon cheeseburgers in a Krispy Kreme bun (allegedly made for the head of Google's cafeteria staff on their birthday). What amazed me most was not just the concept, which is cute--if disgusting--but the fact that they made so many! How many people were actually willing to eat one? Then a little research revealed that this is not an isolated affair. A minor league baseball team in St. Louis makes them. Here is a gallery of Krispy Kreme burgers from "around the world." At some point, you have to throw up your hands and admit that it is sort of delicious sounding.


Adam said...

Throw up your "hands"...that's not all I'd be throwing up after a few of these bad boys. Smoking pancakes...bacon-infused donuts...what is this, some sort of dystopian food blog?

Robin said...

I bet this is what manna tasted like.

olivia said...