Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today I was eating peanuts on a crowded train and I accidentally knocked one onto the coat of the woman beside me. I apologized and kind of half reached for it, hoping to get it before it was even noticed, not really thinking. But then I missed it (I'm bad at gripping tiny things...I think this is due not to playing with the right kinds of toys as a child).

So I said, oh, so sorry, I missed it. And I made like I was going to go for it again, but then I start thinking, wait it's weird to feel around a stranger's coat for a peanut. So I start to say, "Ha ha, I don't want to fee..." and she says--and this is the kicker:

"That's alright, you can get it."

So then I had to get the peanut, despite it making me slightly uncomfortable--I mean, it wasn't in her lap or anything, it was just like on the side of her coat--because I couldn't very well say, "No, you get it," since I was the one who had dropped it on her in the first place.

It was all very embarrassing, and I was glad when I got a phone call going over the bridge so at least I had the opportunity to establish myself as an upstanding citizen with friends and not some kind of weird nut-dropper-on-strangers type, but really she is the one who was awkward about it, don't you think?

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Diabolical Bill said...

Did the peanut you dropped on that poor woman taste the same, taste better, or taste worse than those you didn't drop?