Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Plot Point To Remember...

On my way into the city today, I read a bit of a Nicholas Sparks book over the shoulder of the woman beside me. I've done my best to recreate it below:

"Didn't you notice how Robert treats Jessica now?" Her tone became softer, yet somehow more insistent.

"He seems to treat her the same way as he always has," he responded, puzzled.

"Never mind. I guess it's something only a woman could see," she surmised.

"Tell me," he said. "I want to understand what's been on your mind since we left that hospital room an hour ago."

She shifted elegantly, then stood.

"I want you to promise me something, Richard."

He squirmed.

"Of course, darling, anything."

"Promise me that if I'm ever on life support, like Jessica," she began with an air of foreshadowing,' "that you'll let me die. And as long as I'm foreshadowing, let me add that I won't be telling anyone else in my family about this choice, just cause. It will be completely in your hands to carry out my final wish."

"Okay sure, I promise."

"No. Really promise."

"I promise to carry out your wishes."

"Good. I know you will because you love me."

"I will, because I love you."

"Yes, and I love you."

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