Friday, March 12, 2010

Powder in Montana Envelope Just Crushed Pain Pill

So the story starts out by telling you that state officials in Montana are fine, after they discovered that a white powder in some mail they got was just a crushed up pain pill.

No, it wasn't put there on purpose to scare them. Apparently, some lady just accidentally dropped it into the envelope before she mailed it.

Okay, I buy that. It was on her desk, it fell in, sure.

Then they tell you the stick they thought was some kind of "triggering device" was actually a lollipop stick.

Wait, a stick? There was a stick, too? In the envelope?

Yes, apparently, this woman was carrying around the envelope in her purse for a week, where she naturally also had loose pain pills and used lollipop sticks floating around, and they made their way into the envelope.

Allowing for the moment that a lollipop stick and pain pill could make their way into an envelope by accident, how did this woman fail to notice the bulges when she sealed (I'm assuming they didn't crawl into a sealed envelope) and placed the envelope in the mail?

Also, why didn't she throw out the lollipop stick?!!

Clearly a massive government cover up. Everyone should be quarantined who so much as read the news today.