Friday, October 23, 2009

How to throw a pie in someone's face:

“You can use whipped cream, egg whites or shaving cream, but shaving cream is much better because it doesn’t spoil. And no tin plates. The secret is you just can’t push it and shove it in somebody’s face. It has to be done with a pie that has a lot of crust so that it breaks up into a thousand pieces when it hits you.”

-Soupy Sales, slapstick comedian who died Thursday at the age of 83, and knew the importance of using the right kind of pie. “One of my younger fans made the mistake of heaving a frozen pie at me before it defrosted,” he once wrote in The New York Journal-American. “It caught me in the neck and I dropped like a pile of bricks.”


Rebecca said... can't lick the shaving cream off your face. Gross!

Sarah said...

haha thats great! :) Follow me on my blog!! :)