Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remember Twitter!

So Twitter has been attacked today, by vicious hackers who "direct a “botnet,” often made up of thousands of malware-infected home PCs, toward a target site in an effort to flood it with junk traffic. With the site overwhelmed, legitimate visitors cannot access the service."

As is often my response to hackers: Come on. Really? This is your idea of a good time?

Let me reassure you, your act of e-violence is meaningless. The website always wins in the end. In a few hours, it will be back up, and in the meantime, the only losers are Manhattanites who can't find the CupcakeStop Truck (it's on 5th avenue and 22nd street--you're welcome) and protesters in Iran (head to Tehran Square and wear green).


Artful Stew said...

Speak of the devil! I was going to grab a cupcake for Nate on my way home and forgot! WHY!?!?!

Artful Stew said...

Oh, also I was able to go on Twitter just fine about half an hour ago, so problem solved!