Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Known Battle Cries of the American Revolution

Boston Harbor a tea-pot tonight! – Samuel Adams

Ack! – Paul Revere

Quartering sure sounds bad! – Abraham Whipple

Taxation without representation, hurrah! – the British

This one’s for the British Royal Proclamation of 1763, suckers! – George Washington

They’ll call this Massacre Day! – anonymous colonial militiaman

Hey, those rocks really hurt! Cut it out! – Thomas Preston (British Captain present at Boston Massacre)

Also, a little known celebrity who fought for the Patriots, Jack Black:

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Annie said...

He DOES look like Jack Black. That's freaky. It reminds me of this movie I saw on a plane, called Head Over Heels, and this one character restores old paintings and discovers one of the figures in the painting she is working on looks JUST LIKE Freddie Prinze Jr.. (Prinze is also an actor in the movie. I could explain more, but there's really no use.)